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ReadAThon: O.W.L. Exams – Magical Readathon TBR

ReadAThon: O.W.L. Exams –..

Posted 1. April, 2018 by Vildea in ReadATons, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

So I have decided to go ahead and join the O.W.L. Exams – Magical Readathon which was created by Book Roast (see her video here). The readathon is essentially about “sitting” your O.W.L.s as you would in the HP universe and hoping to get the best grade that you can in the subjects you’ve chosen. […]

Weekly TBR #1 | Week 11

Weekly TBR #1 | Week 11

Posted 11. March, 2018 by Vildea in TBR Pile / 0 Comments

After trying monthly TBRs and finding that I more often than not tend to fail (rather spectacularly too) at them, I decided to try my hand at having a weekly TBR instead. Keep in mind that my TBR is what I plan and hope to read, but that if the mood strikes me I frequently […]

Review: Hope And Red by Jon Skovron

Review: Hope And Red by Jon Sk..

Posted 5. January, 2018 by Vildea in Book Reviews / 0 Comments

Hope And Red is a book I went into not really knowing that much about it aside from what it said on the blurb. I think I heard someone mention it on booktube and that is how I ended up picking it up. I am however really happy that I did decide to pick it up […]

November TBR

November TBR

Posted 1. November, 2017 by Vildea in Books, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

So, it’s time for another TBR! I have noticed a slight change in what kind of books I’ve been gravitating towards lately, so I’m going to put my (massive) currently reading books on hiatus and let myself focus on what I seem to be wanting to read and hopefully get out of my slump that […]