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Becca’s Bookoplathon, Space Opera September, Buzzwordathon & More

Becca’s Bookoplathon, Sp..

Posted 29. August, 2020 by Vildea in ReadATons, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

So I’ve decided that I want to join and participate in a couple of different readathons this month. Specifically Becca’s Bookoplathon and Space Opera September(this is the prompt video) (who are both month-long readathons) as well as Buzzwordathon.  I sort of want to see if I can fit in any shorter readathons as well, but […]

#AYEARATHON – Pick a Color TBR

#AYEARATHON – Pick a Col..

Posted 13. January, 2020 by Vildea in Books, ReadATons, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

One of the things I wanted to do more of this year was to join readathons. Preferably ones that aren’t too long since I tend to falter a bit the longer they are. One readathon that I’ve known of for awhile and wanted to join is the #AYEARATHON which is a readathon that happens once […]

January TBR

January TBR

Posted 9. January, 2019 by Vildea in Books, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a TBR and I’m trying to ease myself a little into it so I haven’t added too many books. I also tried to make sure I have a variety of genres so that I’ll hopefully find something that piques my interest. I’ve more or less chosen one book per […]

Weekly TBR & PTW #2 | Week 14

Weekly TBR & PTW #2 | Wee..

Posted 2. April, 2018 by Vildea in Dramas, TBR Pile, Want to Watch / 0 Comments

The Weekly TBR (To-Be-Read) is a weekly feature where I talk about the books I’m hoping to read that week. It’s not a strict must-read, but something to hold me at least a little bit accountable as well as a guide for me to fall back on when I’m not sure what to read. Sometimes, […]

ReadAThon: O.W.L. Exams – Magical Readathon TBR

ReadAThon: O.W.L. Exams –..

Posted 1. April, 2018 by Vildea in ReadATons, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

So I have decided to go ahead and join the O.W.L. Exams – Magical Readathon which was created by Book Roast (see her video here). The readathon is essentially about “sitting” your O.W.L.s as you would in the HP universe and hoping to get the best grade that you can in the subjects you’ve chosen. […]

Weekly TBR #1 | Week 11

Weekly TBR #1 | Week 11

Posted 11. March, 2018 by Vildea in TBR Pile / 0 Comments

After trying monthly TBRs and finding that I more often than not tend to fail (rather spectacularly too) at them, I decided to try my hand at having a weekly TBR instead. Keep in mind that my TBR is what I plan and hope to read, but that if the mood strikes me I frequently […]

ReadAThon: Read-O-Rama | TBR

ReadAThon: Read-O-Rama | TBR

Posted 3. March, 2018 by Vildea in ReadATons, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

So, February went by in a hurry! So much so that I read all of 0 books for the entirety of that month. There’s a multitude of reasons why, none of which I particularly feel like sharing at the moment, but I’m hoping to start over in March and decided that I was going to […]

December TBR

December TBR

Posted 3. December, 2017 by Vildea in Books, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

I mentioned in this post that I’m having some thoughts on whether or not to do wrap-ups at the end of the month and whether or not to do TBRs or currently reading posts. At the moment I still enjoy doing these TBR posts so I came to the decision that I would still do them, […]

Tome Topple TBR

Tome Topple TBR

Posted 15. November, 2017 by Vildea in Books, ReadATons, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

Like I mentioned in my TBR post for ContemporaryATon I was only really planning on doing Tome Topple as a readaton during November. I obviously failed at that so that’s going to make for an interesting week as I try to juggle both of them at once. So! Tome Topple, if you’re unaware, is a […]

ContemporaryAThon TBR

ContemporaryAThon TBR

Posted 12. November, 2017 by Vildea in ReadATons, TBR Pile / 0 Comments

So for all intents and purposes the only ReadATon I was planning on doing this month was Tome Topple (the TBR for that will come later in the week) however I started binge watching Chelseadollings videos (Twitter, YouTube) and I watched her contemporary book recommendations for the ContemporaryATon and well… Oops? I started out by […]