About Me

It’s funny how writing the about page for Oddish the blog was easy, yet writing the about page for the person behind the blog feels positively horrendous.

So, who am I?

Quickly summarised I am:

  • Norwegian
  • Female
  • 20-something
  • Bookworm
  • Introvert
  • A history lover
  • Daydreamer
  • Known online as Metaforia but also Valneanne and Vildea

For those wanting a little more detail, I’ve written a slightly longer introduction below:

Vildea is a 20-something woman currently living and working in Norway. She’s studied History in the past along with English literature and leaving her on her own in a bookstore has two guaranteed results: 1) you’ll feel like you’ll turn old and grey before she exits, 2) She never leaves empty handed. After all, the whole point of a bookstore is to get books, right?

When she’s not devouring books and buying books she doesn’t have time to read or room in her bookshelf for. She also enjoys watching tv shows and has lately been bitten by the Korean drama bug. She also plays games and has a fondness for simulation and strategy games. (Yes that means the Sims, at least before, but it also means Crusader Kings 2, Cities Skyline, Europa Universalies etc.)

Lately she’s also taken up sewing and has as of yet not sewn her fingers together even though that was the expected result from more than one person (herself included).

Contact info: