About Oddish

Oddish is my (Metaforia/Vildea/Valneanne, I have several names throughout the internet) book, tv and occasionally gaming blog, where I share things that interest, intrigue or excite me (and sometimes all of the above). Oddish came to be when I needed to find someplace where I could gather all my various interest in one place after having (what seemed at least) a blog for each of them.

Why Oddish?

I chose Oddish for a few reasons and the first one might be obvious to some:

  • In Pokémon, Oddish is a pretty cute plant Pokémon and I really liked it as a kid.
  • I’ve always really liked the word “odd” it’s short and to the point and I quite like that.
  • I didn’t want to feel like I could only post certain content, after all, this is supposed to be a catch-all kind of blog so I only have to  deal with one blog and not… 10. So the combination of content might be kind of… Oddish.

Most importantly though, the reason why i chose Oddish, both the Pokémon and the blog name is that the name of my maternal grandfather was Odd. He was, like me, Norwegian and in Norwegian odd means the sharp point of an arrow or blade. So I’ve always quite enjoyed the different meanings of the name and the word in each language.

What sort of posts can I expect?

I know I said that there’d be quite a few different sorts of posts on this blog, however I did and do have some themes in mind that will feature more often than others. Those themes will likely be:

  • Books. I’m an unapologetic bookaholic. I love my books and I love reading both non-fiction and fiction.
  • History. Especially 18th to 19th century history and primarily social, cultural and fashion history though there’s probably going to be some other kinds as well.
  • Fantasy. Be it in games, books, tv or film I’ve always enjoyed fantasy so that’s probably going to feature in some way or another.
  • Games. I do enjoy playing games, primarily video games so posts on that are likely to pop up from time to time.
  • TV & Film. I watch more TV shows than movies these days and I’ve somehow gotten addicted to Korean drama shows. That said, I watch a lot of different kind of shows and I have a soft spot for costume dramas.
  • Favorites. Be it monthly, seasonal or themed there’s a good chance I’ll make posts including all of the above, but featuring my favorites of that month/season/theme.