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So, we’ve finally entered a New Year and with it comes a whole bunch of goals and resolutions. I know some people also look back on 2018, but frankly last year wasn’t a very good reading year and I don’t really want to look back on it so I’m not going to. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t exactly the best reading year I’ve had either.

Instead I’m going to jump right into my plans and goals for 2019 and I’ll split it up so this post doesn’t get too bogged down, but this is kind of the main post for what I plan on doing and it’ll link to the other posts as I make them.

Goals for 2019:

  • No picking up or starting series that aren’t already finished.
    This includes new series that releases in 2019 or ongoing series that aren’t finished.
    Exceptions: Series that I have already started that are coming out with a new book in 2019, series that conclude in 2019 and series that were originally finished but got spin-offs/additional books added but were at one point concluded.
  • Drop books, and especially, series that you don’t enjoy.I have way too many series that I just haven’t gotten into that I sort of planned on continuing, but rather than doing that I’m just going to drop them.
  • Try to read at least 52 books.I tried to achieve this last year, but didn’t quite make it so I’m going to try again. I do have a goodreads list with books I’m especially interested in that I hope will help me along.
  • Try to read at least 6 books that have more than 500 pages.This is inspired by Books With Emily Fox‘s challenge over on Youtube and I’ll be making a post with the books I’m hoping to get to later.
  • Avoid picking up books that are part of a series.This might seems similar to the first goal, but I’m having a pretty bad case of series burnout and I’m not quite ready to ban them altogether, but I would like to try and avoid picking up any books that are part of a series unless I’m really invested in them.Exception: Series I’ve already begun are obviously not part of this, but if I’m feeling meh or underwhelmed I need to drop them.
  • Read more “adult” fiction regardless of genre.I suspect that part of the reason why I almost wince at the thought of reading anything part of a series is the way series are done in Young Adult and how practically any book that could be split into more than one, is, even though some would work better either as a longer standalone or should just be edited down to one book. And with the exception of young adult contemporary I haven’t felt that good about any young adult book in a while so I’m hoping a little break and a focus on something else might work. 
  • Read more books in genres outside Fantasy.
    I love fantasy and in no way is this meant to be read as “read less fantasy” it simply means that in addition to treading fantasy I’d also like to pick up books from other genres. I do like historical novels, detective novels, I like some literary novels and I’d just like to explore some other genres in addition to fantasy. 
  • Read more non-fiction.I enjoy reading non-fiction and I’d like to read some more than what I have done as of late. I’m probably not going to be reviewing them, but they will be part of any wrap-ups I feel like doing.


And that are my goals/plans for 2019. I do have some goals specific to this blog, but I’m not going to make a post about it and instead just try to complete them without putting pressure on myself.

What are your goals for 2019?


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