Review Round-Up: Get Well Soon & Seven Ways We Lie

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Review Round-Ups are posts were I review multiple books at once. However the reviews are slightly shorter than what I normally do. That could be cause I don’t have a lot to say. Or it could be because it’s been some time since I read the book. In that case I don’t want to write a review that might misinform you so I stay short and sweet.

The books I’m going to be reviewing today are Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern and Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate.

So, let’s get to them!

Book one

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I began Get Well Soon around the same time I started Seven Ways We Lie. However I only got around 55% through the book at that time. I finished reading it today and while it was neither enjoyable not frustrating. In all honesty it was a little unmemorable and uninteresting, never really going anywhere that I found all that interesting. It was a cute read, for sure. However it didn’t really bring anything else to the table and what it did bring in cuteness- Well. I have read better elsewhere unfortunately. All in all I found this pretty underwhelming and bland.

Book two

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Seven Ways We Lie is a book I read awhile back and as I’m sitting down to write I realize there’s nothing in particular that really stands out.  That might not sound too good, but I did like the book and enjoy the characters. However it wasn’t the most memorable book I’ve read. The book didn’t match up to my expectations of what I thought I was going to read. The book, while enjoyable enough to read, did present a few issues. It’s enjoyable enough to read, although I did roll my eyes a little at some of the issues presented in this book and how they were dealt with. That said, I’m well aware that could be my own bias speaking. I would say that some POVs in this novel were really interesting while others… Well, they didn’t do much for me.

I could potentially give this a lower rating, but the writing was good enough, the plot was good and I did like the characters, it just didn’t knock my socks off and I’m not sure if that’s the books fault or the fault of my own expectations.

All in all neither one of these two books really did anything much to particularly wow me. Like I said above, this could be because of the time it took me to read/review. It could also be because I expected something different or because it wasn’t up my alley.

Have you read either one of these two? What did you think?

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