Review: The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich

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Have you ever read a book that had so much promise and so many things going for it that it just became too much for one book to handle? If so, you might have already read The Love Interest.

It starts off with an interesting premise of young men (and girls as we’re later told) being groomed into becoming Love Interests for important members of society to spy on them. The boys are divided into two groups; bad and nice, and are supposed to act in ways that are appropriate for their group.

Caden, who has no name at the beginning of the novel, is a nice but doesn’t feel like he belongs there because of how far he’s willing to go to achieve the goal of becoming The Love Interest (however given what happens to the loser I find this highly understandable).

Caden is very self aware and pretty wry and he’s a very interesting main character to follow who has a lot of promise.

However, this book should have been a series. I’m not sure if the author originally pitched it as one and was rejected, because there’s so much going on in this book that would have made it a perfect series.

The premise alone, that of raising Love Interest to spy on people, is deserving of a series. However as we’re about 70-80% through the novel things start to happen, that if this was a trilogy, would be happening in volume 2 and 3. Instead it all happens in around 100 pages and it’s too much.

Which is why this book is getting the rating that it is. When I first finished it I wanted to give it 1 star and never think about it again because it made me so mad. It made me mad because there are so many things here, from the agency Caden is raised by, to the relationship between him and Dylan, to the girl they’re supposed to interest, to what happens when she finally makes her choice, to how they decide to take on the agency, to what happens there and that’s not even mentioning the aftermath.

Final Thoughts

The Love Interest isn’t getting 2 stars because I think it’s badly written or because I have a major pet peeve but because it should have been split into two books. It deserved as much and the fact that it doesn’t have that makes this book too fast.

I would, personally, have loved if this had been a series because there’s a lot of promise here both from the plot and the author and it makes me both mad and sad that it isn’t one.

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