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So, it’s a new year! That’s always exciting, at least for the first week or so and then the newness kind of wears off on you, doesn’t it? I’ll be posting a post on 2017 in a few days time as well, but before we look back at what has been we’re going to look forward to what is going to be instead.

Today we’ll be looking at what kinds of plans and goals I have for 2018 both for reading and blogging, with some other forms of social media thrown in as well. I’ve actually spend quite a lot of time thinking about what I want to do both in terms of blogging and reading and so I have a few plans, some ideas and a few goals that I’m going to talk about and hopefully achieve as well.

I will be covering what I plan on doing on the blog first, and social media, then we’ll move on to my reading goals. So, let’s get going!


I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with this blog, not in the “should I keep it or not”-vein but in the “how do I want to do things on my blog”-vein. It’s always easy to get caught up in how others do things and how everyone else seems to do things and forget that blogging is first and foremost about what I want this blog to be and what I want to see more of on the internet. Thinking that way about it is likelier to bring both more original content but hopefully also bring me and other people who want to see the same thing together. Which is good! So how am I planning on doing this?

No more TBR posts

I’ve been struggling with this for awhile and come to the (admittedly late) realisation that I’m a mood reader. Which means having a preset list of things to read never really work out. Which is not to say that I won’t post things like “books I hope to read in X” or “series I want to finish”. It just means that I won’t be doing monthly TBRs anymore. However, I am replacing them with a post called Currently Reading instead which feels freer and more achievable for me to do and puts lets pressure on me as to what books I pick up to read.

A possible end to monthly wrap-ups and/or a change to them

This is sort of related to what I as talking about above, which is that I am a mood reader and tend to pick up things in a more of a spur-of-the-moment fashion. Because I am changing how I do TBR/Currently Reading I also want to change how I do wrap-ups to include a little more.. Currently when I do a wrap-up it mostly consists of what I how much I’ve read this month, what I read and maybe what I thought. Which is perfectly fine but feels a little flat to write for me. Instead I want to include reviews (more on that later), bits and bobs around the internet that has interested me, things on TV that I have watched, movies I’ve liked etc. basically I want to include a lot more in it.


One of my on-going challenges is doing reviews and how to do them. I spent a lot of December contemplating how to do them in a way that I would enjoy and not feel burdened by. My conclusion? I’m not going to do full-length reviews on books I’m not feeling very strongly about or that I don’t remember too well anymore. I do plan on doing reviews for books I really enjoy, dislike or have an opinion on, but for the rest I might either; a) do multiple shorter reviews in one post or b) not review them at all. Hopefully that will make me feel more like doing them and make them feel more interesting to me.

In addition I’m also not going to give myself any firm rules on how I do reviews just yet. I have two reviews coming up and in addition I also have the review on Court of Fives and they all are written slightly differently. This is on purpose so that I can try and find the style that I prefer and enjoy doing the most.


Korean/Taiwanese/Chinese/Japanese dramas

So, it doesn’t happen regularly, but I do occasionally post something related to dramas on this blog. I’m going to continue doing that this year, but hopefully a bit more frequently than I did last year. Part of how I hope to do that is by scheduling in some time to actually watch dramas. That will hopefully translate into being able to post about them more. I like doing it, so I need to make the commitment so that I’m able to.

Have a more active twitter/tumblr presence

I’m not the most frequent poster on twitter and I don’t see that changing radically. However I do want to post more than what I am currently doing and I want to include tumblr in that as well.


2017 was mostly a year of being honest with myself and how I like to read. I’ll admit it: I got caught up in how other people read and forgot how like to read. So for 2018 I plan on actually listening to myself. In some ways it doesn’t mean any too major changes in how I read, but in some ways it does. The idea is that by doing what I like, it should mean that I’ll pick up books a little quicker than I did in 2017. I’ve thought of some things to change/start doing to help me get there which are listed below.

Reading challenges/Review challenges

I haven’t decided, if I will put this up publicly or not, but I’m going to be giving myself some challenges this year. Nothing too horrible, nor am I going to hate myself if I fail, but something to aspire towards. One goal is to read 52 books* which I think I should manage. The other goal is to review 52 books, that’s right, I’d like to review a minimum of one book a week.  Like I said, I’m not going to be beating myself up if I fail, but I’d really like to try.

*I know it says 30 on Goodreads, but that’s to not pressure myself.

Read older books

I should start by saying that when I say “older” I mean books not published in 2018. Not because I don’t plan on reading any new releases this year, but because there are a lot of books I want to read that have been out for awhile.

Read less YA Fantasy

This one hurts to write out, however I need to. As much as I love YA Fantasy and have books I want to read this year. I need to read less of them. This is in part because a lot of it is formulaic and filled with tropes*. However it’s also partly because I can feel it in my bones how tired I am of this particular genre. So rather than beat a dead horse I’m going to be reading less of it. Hopefully that will mean that I will return to it with fresh eyes.

Read more stand-alones

This is mostly related to Fantasy/Sci-Fi but I want more stand-alones in my life. Part of what is draining me of energy in the YA Fantasy genre is the never-ending flow of trilogies and I’m just done. However I really enjoy stand-alones and I want to get better at reading them. I own a few I haven’t read yet so I’m hoping to get to them this year.

Read series that are already finished

This is my one loophole to what I said about YA Fantasy above. If the series is already finished then I can read it if I want to, but otherwise I want to stay away from on-going/new YA fantasy series this year. It also goes for “adult” fantasy as well and anything else.

Finish the series I’m currently reading/Catch up on series I’m currently reading

I have quite a few series that I can finish this year and I really plan on doing just that. I also have quite a few series that I could catch-up on and I’m planning on doing that as well. In short I’m going to try to stay away from starting too many new series until I either finish/catch-up/stop the series that I’m already reading.

Do more readatons

This is one of the few times I’ll be allowing myself to do TBRs, but I’ll be giving myself permission to swap things out if I want to. I quite enjoyed the readatons I took part in last year so I want to do more of them this year.

And lastly;

Be more social

Online that is. I want to get better at commenting at other blogs, replying to people on twitter, friend people on Goodreads and just generally have more of a social presence online when it comes to books. I’m hoping getting better at twitter will help, but I will also need to find some more book blogs to follow and get out of my shell a bit more.

And there you have it! Those are my goals for the year! I will hopefully do a post about books I am anticipating and books I want to read this year as well, so look forward to those.

What are your plans this year?

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