Review: Lovely War by Julie Berry

Review: Lovely War by Julie Be..

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  I’ll admit that this was partially a cover buy for me, although it was a cover buy because it was so obviously historical and the pink coat screamed romance so that’s all it takes to draw me in sometimes. I bought this one around the same time that I bought and read another novel […]

Anticipated September Releases

Anticipated September Releases

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So this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, partly to help myself keep tracks of new releases I’m interested in and partly because I honestly just want an excuse to talk more about books. September is a pretty hectic month for publishing apparently, because there’s a lot of releases this month […]

Becca’s Bookoplathon, Space Opera September, Buzzwordathon & More

Becca’s Bookoplathon, Sp..

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So I’ve decided that I want to join and participate in a couple of different readathons this month. Specifically Becca’s Bookoplathon and Space Opera September(this is the prompt video) (who are both month-long readathons) as well as Buzzwordathon.  I sort of want to see if I can fit in any shorter readathons as well, but […]

#AYEARATHON – Pick a Color TBR

#AYEARATHON – Pick a Col..

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One of the things I wanted to do more of this year was to join readathons. Preferably ones that aren’t too long since I tend to falter a bit the longer they are. One readathon that I’ve known of for awhile and wanted to join is the #AYEARATHON which is a readathon that happens once […]

5 Books I’d like to pick up again in 2020

5 Books I’d like to pick..

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It happens more often than I care to admit, I pick up a book, fully intending to finish it ASAP and then, for whatever reason, I put it down and I don’t get back to it. Yet, it’s not because I dislike it or that I’m having a hard/bad time reading it. Usually I’ve just […]

GoodReads Choice Awards Mini Challenge

GoodReads Choice Awards Mini C..

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I mentioned in my Reading Goals for 2020 that I wanted to attempt to reading at least 1 book from several different GoodReads Choice Awards categories in order to help me branch out a little. I specifically didn’t say the winners of said categories since I might not want to read the winner, it might […]

Reading Goals For 2020

Reading Goals For 2020

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Much like I did last year I’m going to list my reading goals for 2020 and what I hope to focus on. Keep in mind that these are not reading challenges but reading goals and because of that they’re a little more general and open in nature. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing any challenges, […]

My Top 5 of 2019

My Top 5 of 2019

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Because 2019 wasn’t the best reading year I could’ve hoped for, I won’t be doing a too long list of my favorites of this year. Although this is partly due to me reading a lot of books on writing, it’s also because I haven’t read that many books that just really blew my mind either. So, […]

Reading 2019: A review

Reading 2019: A review

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Last year I wrote this post which lists my reading goals for 2019. I figure that a good way to wrap up the year (as well as get back to this blog) would be to go over the points I made and how it all went. I do plan on doing somewhat of a wrap-up […]

January TBR

January TBR

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a TBR and I’m trying to ease myself a little into it so I haven’t added too many books. I also tried to make sure I have a variety of genres so that I’ll hopefully find something that piques my interest. I’ve more or less chosen one book per […]